About MadStore

MadStore is an open source web platform for content extraction and publishing.

MadStore main

Based on user-friendly web standards such as microformats , the Atom Publishing Protocol and the Open Search Specification , MadStore aims at enhancing user experience regarding both content publishing and consumption through Atom web feeds.

MadStore for content publishers

MadStore will help content publisher by automatically generating Atom web feeds out of standard (X)HTML pages.
No matter how many web sites you, as a content publisher, have to publish, or how many feeds you have to generate: you will only have one information source, your web pages, with no duplication and extra-code for generating atom feeds.
MadStore will crawl your web sites, discovering hAtom annotated pages, and automatically generate, store and publish related Atom feeds.

MadStore for content consumers

MadStore will help content consumers by providing always up-to-date, searchable and customizable Atom feeds of their preferred web sites.
Missed some older Atom feed entry?
Or do you rather want only the latest and newest feed entries?
MadStore will let you configure the requested feed in order to provide the desired number of entries.
Do you want only those feed entries containing some terms?
MadStore will let you configure the requested feed in order to provide only entries containing the desired terms.

MadStore in a nutshell

MadStore comes with the following goals:

  • Automatic generation of Atom feeds out of standard web pages containing hAtom microformats, discovered and processed by a lightweight crawling infrastructure.
  • Storing and indexing of generated Atom feeds.
  • Publishing of stored Atom feeds, with advanced features for searching Atom entries content and creating on-the-fly aggregations.
  • Easy configuration and deploy.

And one golden rule: simplicity .

MadStore getting started

Getting started with MadStore is as easy as following the simple steps below:

  • Understand how MadStore works.
  • Apply the hAtom microformats to the web site pages for which you want to generate and publish Atom feeds: those microformats will be used by MadStore to automatically extract and publish your Atom feeds.
  • Configure the MadStore platform through its XML file.
  • Deploy and enjoy it!